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===This Wiki provides collaborative CRC documentation for the Notre Dame research community. We highly encourage students, staff and faculty to <span style="color:blue" >create</span> and/or <span style="color:blue" >modify</span> these pages, particularly on applications and tools with which you have experience.===
'''<font color="green">Recent announcements:</font>'''
'''<font color="green">Recent announcements:</font>'''

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Recent announcements:

  • The next bi-annual maintenance period will occur in January, 2020.
  • The CRC has moved! We are now located on the 8th floor of Flanner Hall. User Support offices are within the North "pod" to the right after leaving the elevators within 810-811 Flanner Hall.

Want to know more about the CRC and what we do?

New users information:

Frequently asked questions are answered here:

To find more information quickly:

  • Use the search feature to the upper right.
  • Browse the documentation below.
  • Consult the comprehensive listing of all CRC Wiki pages: All-Pages

Internship Positions

We have a few internship positions open to those who may be interested. Further information can be found on the Interns Page

CRC Documentation

CRC Accounts and User Interface
Obtaining an account and submitting jobs
CRC Software and Libraries
Available software
Acquisition Assistance
New equipment, software licensing, and grant guidance
CRC Training
Training schedule, classes, and lecture notes
Linux at Notre Dame and Trouble Shooting
Help operating in the ND Linux environments
CRC Systems and Specifications
Available hardware, storage, and networking
Information about using and creating instances in OpenStack
Globus Online
Using Globus Online to transfer large datasets/files
Logging into XSEDE
Logging into and using XSEDE's resources
Information pertaining to major maintenance periods on CRC Systems