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General Description

TAU is a program and performance analysis tool framework being developed for the DOE Office of Science, ASC initiatives at LLNL, the ZeptoOS project at ANL, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. TAU provides a suite of static and dynamic tools that provide graphical user interaction and inter-operation to form an integrated analysis environment for parallel Fortran, C++, C, Java, and Python applications.

Basic Usage

TAU can be loaded using the following module:

module load tau/2.20.3-gnu

For TAU to generate profiles of your parallel code, you need to recompile your source code with specially configured TAU compiler wrappers as follows: -o foo foo.f90

The complete list of wrappers is: (Fortran F90) (FORTRAN 77) (C) (C++)

Then run your MPI executable as normal e.g.

mpiexec -n 4 ./foo

Once your execution has terminated TAU profile(s) will be written to your work directory. To see a text-based report of your codes's profile invoke the following command:


To see a GUI-based report of your code's profile, invoke the following command:


Complete information on using the ParaProf GUI tool can be found in the online documentation

Further Information

See the official website: TAU Webpage