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This page is for information on running SAS via the batch system at the CRC. If you need to run SAS on a local desktop, please refer to the OIT's SAS site here:

General Description

SAS (originally Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products provided by SAS Institute Inc. that enables programmers to perform:

  • retrieval, management, and mining
  • report writing and graphics statistical analysis
  • business planning, forecasting, and decision support
  • operations research and project management
  • quality improvement
  • applications development
  • data warehousing (extract, transform, load)
  • platform independent and remote computing

Basic Usage

An basic SAS submission script is shown below:

#$ -M <your_netid>
#$ -m abe

module load sas


Useful Options

SAS has a number of options:

  • work/location : This is the location of your work area. It is needed if it is not defined in your SAS initialization files.
  • nodms : This stops SAS from using its GUI capability and goes into a text only mode.
  • filelocks none : This causes SAS to not use filelocking.
  • sysin file : Designate a file for SAS to load as its input.
  • memsize : Indicate the maximum memory required by the simulation

License Information

As of January 2012, SAS has an unlimited access license on the University of Notre Dame campus.

Further Information

See the official website: SAS 9.2