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Rosetta and PyRosetta

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General Description

The Rosetta software suite focuses on the prediction and design of protein structures, protein folding mechanisms, and protein-protein interactions. Rosetta has been consistently successful in CASP and CAPRI competitions. Rosetta also addresses aspects of protein design, docking and structure.

PyRosetta is an interactive Python-based interface to the powerful Rosetta molecular modeling suite. It enables users to design their own custom molecular modeling algorithms using Rosetta sampling methods and energy functions.

Restricted Software: You must agree to the Rosetta User License Conditions before you can gain access to the Rosetta/PyRosetta software.

Basic Usage

The latest version of Rosetta (v3.5) and PyRosetta (v1.1) are installed and configured. In order to load the Rosetta and PyRosetta,

module load rosetta

User License Restrictions

Before you can be granted access to the Rosetta/PyRosetta software, please review the following user license conditions. Once you have read and agreed to the conditions please email CRC Support with your confirmation, after which you will be added to the Rosetta software access group.



Further Information