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General Description

COSA(tm) is an implementation of the COSA method for clustering objects (observations) on subsets of attributes (variables) described in Clustering objects on subsets of attributes. RCOSA is an interface for using COSA(tm) within the R statistical package.

Basic Usage

A basic RCOSA submission script is shown below:

#$ -M <your_netid>
#$ -m abe

module load rcosa

Rscript R_script.R

Alternatively, you may change the executing command line to:

R CMD BATCH R_script.R R_script.Rout

Note: The latter approach is considered outdated, and no longer preferred.

Important Information

To call COSA within an R script, The following line needs to be added:


To use the original Fortran binary from COSA developers the following line needs to be added as well:


The following line should be used to call a modified version of COSA Fortran binary:


Further Information

See the official website: