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Portland Group Compiler (PGI)

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General Description

The Portland Group Compiler suite contains front ends for C/C++ and Fortran compilation, debugging and profiling of code. Allows for auto-parallelization to a shared memory program(smp) environment, i.e. OpenMP. For use on an x86/x64 CPU.

Basic Usage

Basic source code compilation usage is as follows:


pgcc hello.c -o hello


pgCC hello.cpp -o hello
pgcpp hello.cpp -o hello


pgf95 hello.f90 -o hello
pgfortran hello.f90 -o hello

High Performance Fortran

pghpf hello.hpf -o hello

Debugger - graphical interface


Profiler - graphical interface


Useful Options


Display all warnings during compilation


Compile at higher optimization level


Enable debug symbols in executable (required for debuggers)


Displays permitted flags for the given compiler.

Further Information

See the official website: PGI CDK

The User Guide, v.11.x, may be found here

The guide for the Debugger and Profiler, v.11.x, may be found here