Notre Dame Condor Policy

Current Policy

The following policies are the default for most machines:

  • Jobs will be started on a machine when:
    • The keyboard has not been used for 15 minutes
    • AND the load average is less than .3
  • Jobs will be suspended for five minutes when:
    • The keyboard has been touched
    • OR the (non-condor) load average has been above .5 for 2 minutes.
  • Jobs will be removed from a machine and sent elsewhere when:
    • The job has been suspended for ten minutes.
    • OR the machine owner runs condor_vacate on that machine.

Once Condor has decided to some job on a machine, then the following preferences apply:

  • A machine will prefer to run jobs from its owner.
  • Then, it will prefer jobs from others in the owner's group. (To see the group, run condor_config_val MachinePreferredUsers.)
  • Then, it will prefer jobs from others at Notre Dame.
  • Then, it may run jobs from the Open Science Grid.

Other Policies

Many other policies are possible, and we would be pleased to work with you to make you happy. Here are some examples of other policies:

  • Visitors can only use this machine at night.
  • I prefer that my machines run jobs owned by smith.
  • I require that my machines only run jobs by smith and wesson.
  • Only use my machine if the keyboard has been idle for an hour.

When things go wrong...

If a visiting Condor job is causing you trouble, simply log into that machine and run this command to remove the job:

% ~condor/software/bin/condor_vacate -fast

You are free to kick jobs off your machines whenever you like.

However, if this is happening frequently, you can send an email to the Notre Dame Cooperative Computing Lab at and they can assist you in constructing a better policy.