If you have been at CERN it is possible that your grid certificate has been issued by CERN. If you leave CERN once your contract expires your status will change from USER to PARTICIPANT. At this point you will no longer be able to renew your certificate through CERN. Instead you should go through the DOE. If your CERN certificate has expired this process can take on the order of a couple weeks, during which you may be unable to access the grid. As such it is recommended that you plan accordingly.

You can verify that you fall into this problem by visiting https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMSPublic/SWGuideLcgAccess#How_to_register_in_the_CMS_VO and clicking on one of the "Renew Certificate" links. If you need to request a DOE Grid Certificate it will display the following error:

"Your account status is invalid! You are not allowed to request CERN CA Certificate. Please check help page for more details."

Step 1: Requesting a certificate from the DOE

If you are using Mac OS X it is highly recommended that you use FireFox for every step in this process. All documentation on manipulating your certificate assumes that you are using FireFox.

You can follow the directions found here to obtain your DOE certificate Get the DOEGrids certificate

Step 2: Re-registering CMS-VO

Registration with the CMS-VO (Virtual Organization) is needed in order to submit CMSSW jobs to the grid, and is directly linked to your certificate.

If your CERN certificate has not expired you should be able to add your new DOE grid certificate to your current CMS-VO using the following website https://lcg-voms.cern.ch:8443/vo/cms/vomrs?path=/RootNode. You can now skip to Step 3.

If however your CERN certificate has expired you will need to have a VO manager remove you from the CMS-VO. You can find the administrator by visiting http://operations-portal.egi.eu/vo. In the scope field select Global. In the discipline field select High Energy Physics. Then click the search button. This will list all the VOs in High Energy Physics. Find cms and click the plus(+) symbol. This will expand the cms listing, scroll down and locate the email address for VO Manager. Contact this person and explain that your previous grid certificate has expired, that your certificate identity has changed, and you need to be deleted from the VO.

Once you have been removed from the CMS-VO, you can now re-register following the instructions found in the link below.

It is likely that you will still have the old CERN issued certificate in your browser. When you re-register make sure that you use the new DOE Grid Certificate! When you visit the page a dialog should pop-up asking which certificate you would like to use


Step 3: Setting your Distinguished Name in SiteDB

Similar to Step 2, ensure that you use the correct (DOE) certificate when you log into the SiteDB website

In order to launch crab jobs you must have the correct Distinguished Name set in the SiteDB. You can follow the directions here https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CMS/SiteDBForCRAB#Adding_your_DN_to_your_profile.

Now you should be done and ready to use CRAB again!