NDCMS ComputingResources

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Computer Names

Interactive and submission machine (Condor job submit host)

This is the main host users can interact with to run scripts and submit jobs to the pool.


Grid computing machine for NWICG_NotreDame

This is where grid jobs are submitted from the GlideinWMS Factory. We allow different virtual organizations (including CMS) to submit to our Tier 3 site: OSG, CMS, Fermilab, Glow, Nanohub, NWICG. Users are not supposed to log in into this machine to submit local jobs. This is where jobs submitted from CRAB or CMS Connect are handled.

    deepthought.crc.nd.edu (gatekeeper and condor job submit host for grid jobs)

General CRC machines

You can use these machines to submit to opportunistic resources. The resources in this opportunistic pool are not part of the CMS Tier 3, so CVMFS is not available unless something like parrot is used. Due to this reason, the opportunistic resources are typically used together Lobster[1] for submitting CMS workflows.


CMSSW releases

Users can get any release needed via CVMFS, which is available on earth.crc.nd.edu and all condor worker nodes linked to the CMS Tier 3 in this submission machine. To get the list of releases for your architecture, you can type:

    scram list CMSSW

or for all available architectures:

   scram list --all CMSSW

Please, refer to the CMS Twiki documentation [2] for more information on CMSSW releases.