General Description

Mplus is a latent variable modeling program with a wide variety of analysis capabilities:

 * Exploratory factor analysis
 * Structural equation modeling
 * Item response theory analysis
 * Growth modeling
 * Mixture modeling (latent class analysis)
 * Longitudinal mixture modeling (hidden Markov, latent transition analysis, latent class growth analysis, growth mixture analysis)
 * Survival analysis (continuous- and discrete-time)
 * Multilevel analysis
 * Complex survey data analysis
 * Bayesian analysis
 * Monte Carlo simulation

Mplus allows all these modeling features to be combined in a fully integrated general latent variable framework.

Basic Usage

In order to load the mplus module:

module load mplus

To run Mplus with a run1.inp input file:

mplus run1.inp

Below is a job script file to submit/run a Mplus job on the DACCSS cluster:

#$ -M
#$ -m abe
#$ -pe smp 1
#$ -q *@@daccss
module load mplus
mplus run1.inp

Useful Options

Restricted Software: You must request permission by emailing before you will be able to access the Mplus software.

Further Information

See the official website: Mplus