MSC Nastran/Patran/Marc

General Description

MSC Nastran offers a complete set of linear static and dynamic analysis capabilities along with unparalleled support for superelements enabling users to solve large, complex assemblies more efficiently. MSC Nastran also offers a complete set of implicit and explicit nonlinear analysis capabilities, thermal and interior/exterior acoustics, and coupling between various disciplines such as thermal, structural, and fluid interaction. New modular packaging that enables you to get only what you need makes it more affordable to own MSC Nastran than ever before.

MSC Patran is the widely used pre/post-processing software for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), providing solid modeling, meshing, analysis setup and post-processing for multiple solvers including MSC Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, and Pam-Crash.

Patran provides a rich set of tools that streamline the creation of analysis ready models for linear, nonlinear, explicit dynamics, thermal, and other finite element solutions. From geometry cleanup tools that make it easy for engineers to deal with gaps and slivers in CAD, to solid modeling tools that enable creation of models from scratch, Patran makes it easy for anyone to create FE models. Meshes are easily created on surfaces and solids alike using fully automated meshing routines, manual methods that provide more control, or combinations of both. Finally, loads, boundary conditions, and analysis setup for most popular FE solvers is built in, minimizing the need to edit input decks. Patran's comprehensive and industry tested capabilities ensure that your virtual prototyping efforts provide results fast so that you can evaluate product performance against requirements and optimize your designs.

MSC Marc is a powerful, general-purpose, nonlinear finite element analysis solution to accurately simulate the response of your products under static, dynamic and multi-physics loading scenarios. Marc's versatility in modeling nonlinear material behaviors and transient environmental conditions makes it ideal to solve your complex design problems. With its innovative technologies and modeling methodologies, Marc enables you to simulate complex real world behavior of mechanical systems making it best suited to address your manufacturing and design problems in a single environment.

Basic Usage

module load msc/11.9

Useful Options

To redirect the scratch files from the /tmp directory in the servers to your scratch365 space, one needs to use the sdir and rsdir flags when running the code. For example, to place your scratch files in your home scratch365 directory when running a NASTRAN job type the following execution line:

nastran test scr=yes sdir=/scratch365/user_id rsdir=/scratch365/user_id

In the above example, we are running a NASTRAN input file called test and are placing the scratch files that are produced by test in the /scratch365/user_id directory.

Note: It is sometimes necessary to redirect where the scratch files for the calculation is being saved because it is possible for the scratch files to fill up the server's memory and cause the server to crash.

Further Information

See the official website: [http:// MSC]