Login Problems

If you are experiencing login problems you may consider the following. Because your login is terminating you will need to do this via ssh from another user's machine, via webfile, or you can log in via a Virtual Terminal on the machine it self by pressing simultaneously CTRL-ALT F1 keys (To return to the X window, press the keys CTRL-ALT F7 after logging out from the Virtual Terminal).

  • If your X windows session is terminating upon login your .Xauthority file may be corrupted. Copy this file (found in your home directory) to another file location in your space and try logging in again.
  • Check your afs quota: the gnome session might not have any more space to write lock files. Check to make sure your quota usage is under 100% by executing:
fs quota
  • If your quota usage is over 100% you can do the following to find the largest files in your AFS space:
du | sort -n

If you are still unable to pinpoint the problem there may be an offending line(s) in your login and shell configuration files. You can reinitialize your startup files by doing the following:

Reseting your .login and .cshrc files

For information on logging into the CRC headnode machines from Windows or Mac see:

Establishing a Connection from Windows
Logging In Using a Mac