Interactive Data Language (IDL)

General Description

The IDL package is used for data visualization, data reduction, and analysis.

Basic Usage

The following template submits an IDL source program to SGE for batch processing. IDL source files use the .pro extension by default.

#$ -M
#$ -m ae
#$ -r y

module load idl

setenv IDL_STARTUP world_batch

When you edit the job script file on a Mac editor, you must change the end line after the executable, idl.

In the "world_batch" file,


The '' file:

PRO world
for i = 0, 100 do begin
    print, 'hello world!'

Useful Options

IDL programs producing plotted data need to plot to a file instead of a terminal window if they're run in batch mode. In the following example, the plot device is being set to postsript, and the program will write out the plot as a postscript file named ''

; set a postscript output device
set_plot, 'ps'
         device, file=''

;plot to that device

plot, a(*,0), a(*,1), xtitle = 'x-axis', ytitle = 'y-axis', $
        title = 'Simple Sine Curve'

;close that device
device, /close

Further Information

See the official website: IDL