HTML space

How to use CRC web resources and create home page for personal and business needs

Before beginning users must send a request to CRC support group ( to have the web option enabled for him/her

Making an HTML Space

An HTML space is a very useful way to share files with the CRC community and is meant for personal use. Instead of using other less convenient ways of referring people to all sorts of files, you can just send a link to your page and they will be able to view and download the file. Although when using a HTML space online there is a certain amount of risk involved. Because it is linked to your CRC.ND.EDU afs space and you now are publishing it online. ANY FILE YOU POST ON YOUR PAGE WILL BE ABLE TO BE VIEWED AND DOWNLOADED BY ANYONE. With that said this tool is meant to put NON-CONFIDENTIAL information.

To View/Manage files in your HTML Space (Windows):

1. First, connect to your CRC.ND.EDU AFS space (For Walkthrough see *insert link*)
2. Once connected to your CRC AFS space open your ‘Start’ menu and go to ‘Computer'


3. You will see a list of different storage destinations, including your CRC AFS space, which is located on the bottom of the list under ‘Network Location’


4. Click on your CRC.ND.EDU AFS space to view the folders inside, one of these folders will be named ‘www’, click on it


5. In this ‘www’ folder is the list of your files that will be able to be viewed by users that connect to your webpage, to add files to your HTML space just simply save files in this space and they will automatically be added to your page (if you are viewing your page while you add a file to your HTML space, you will have to refresh the webpage and it will update).


For Linux/Mac Users (Or Windows Users using UNIX):

  • For Windows users connecting through PuTTY to log on follow instructions here: Launching X-Windows Session
  • For Windows users connecting through FSecure SSH Client:
    • Sstart by opening SSH by going to your ‘Start’ menu and going to all programs and finding FSecure SSH Client, open that folder and double click on FSecure SSH Client
    • Next you will be prompted to enter a ‘hostname’ and a ‘username’, for the user name use your netID and for the hostname use ‘crcfe02’ hit connect and next you will be asked for a password, use the password that corresponds to your netID
    • After entering your password you should see the welcome screen shown below
    • detailed instructions from OIT: FSecure
  • For Linux users connecting through the terminal: ssh -X or or another head node
  • For MAC users use the built in X11 or terminal application and log in as you would from a Linux machine. i.e.
Scrnshot5.jpg This should be your welcome screen

1. To start out, create a new directory to copy files from, to do this type ‘mkdir pjct1’
2. After creating the directory, enter the directory by the command ‘cd pjct1’


3. Next type ‘cat > test’ and then type hello and then press ‘control-d’


4. Then type ls, as you can see, this saved a new file in the directory pjct1


5. Type ‘pwd’ and copy the reponse from the computer by right clicking and going to copy, this is the path to the file you just created and that’s how you will refer to it while you are in a different directory


6. To go to the destination directory type ‘cd’ press enter and then type ‘cd www’ and press enter


7. To copy the file ‘test’ you made before type ‘cp *paste*(add /test after the portion that you pasted) newtest’ this will copy the file ‘test’ that you created earlier into your current directory with the name ‘newtest’


8. You have successfully moved a file to your HTML Space, to view it open Internet Explorer and type ‘’
9. It should look something like this:


10. Individual files are listed with just their name, while directories are listed as their name and then a slash (like ‘TESTDIR’ above)
11. When you click on the directory link ‘TESTDIR/’ it will direct you to a new page which looks like this: