Environment Set Up

Environment Set Up

1. Click "New" to open a new connection
2. Choose SSH for protocol
3. Type the following in "Host" field: " econ.crc.nd.edu " and use "Port 22" (default)
4. Choose "Use the system login" (default)
5. Choose "Password" (default)
6. Choose "Don't use a proxy" (default)
7. Give your connection a name (optional). Click "Create a link on the desktop" provides easy access to subsequent connections.

  • NOTE: If you forgot to create a link to desktop after setting up connection, you can remove the connection by right clicking on the newly created connection, then removing it. Start again by creating a new connection and following the above steps (while not forgetting to check "Create a link" during the final step).

8. Click "Done"

Your connection is now set up, refer to Connection Process in order to connect

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