Data Joy


What is Data Joy?

Data Joy is a company that is similar to GitHub in that it allows collaboration and revision of code. Unfortunately, Data Joy is limited to only Python and R. But better than GitHub, it allows you to compile and run code on your browser. You don't even need to have Python installed on your computer and you can run code from someone else's machine, all remotely. The best part is that Data Joy is free. There is a paid service that offers more options, like the ability to sync to GitHub or DropBox and revison controls. However, the free service is good enough if you want to run Python on a computer which does not have Python installed or want to collaborate with another Python programmer.

Getting Started

Registering for Data Joy is very easy. Go to this website:
and register by just entering in an email and password and you are done. You can then start a new project and add files to that project. When you are finished with a script, you can execute the program by clicking the button Run Script on right-hand side of page.