General Description

DNASTAR is a software for DNA and protein sequence analysis, as well as next-gen and third-gen sequence assembly and analysis.

SeqMan NGen - Software for Next-Gen Sequence Assembly

SeqMan NGen is groundbreaking sequence assembly software that has the ability to assemble any size genome quickly and accurately on a desktop computer. How quickly? Check out our benchmarking data. SeqMan NGen assembles data from all major next-gen sequencing platforms, and provides an extremely easy-to-use interface that steps you through your sequence assembly and analysis project. SeqMan NGen is fully integrated with Lasergene's SeqMan Pro, so that once your assembly is complete, you can continue with downstream analysis including discovering SNPs using Bayesian statistical models, identifying large insertions and deletions, evaluating coverage, and annotating your consensus sequence.

Basic Usage

module load dnastar

Useful Options


Further Information

See the official website: DNASTAR