Creating and Using a Snapshot

Creating and Using a Snapshot

A snapshot is a saved state of an instance and can be used to recreate an instance to continue from where you left off, or it can also be used to create multiple copies of the same instance. So you can design an instance the way you want it and then snapshot it and create more just like it.

Creating a Snapshot

Creating a snapshot is very easy and is very useful if you want to keep working on an instance after shutting it down. The first thing you need to do is have an instance running that you want to snapshot. Simply go to your Instances page and click Create Snapshot on the instance you want to use. This will prompt you with a dialog box that just asks for a snapshot name. Entering a name will immediately create your snapshot, which will be available under Images & Snapshots.

Using a Snapshot

To use a snapshot, you simply create an instance as usual, but instead of using boot from image, you need to select boot from snapshot. When the instance launches, you will be able to connect to it the same way you connected to the instance you created the snapshot from. This snapshot will contain all of the files and changes you made to the other instance without having to manually do it again. Also, if the other instance is still running, you will be able to change this instance without affecting the other instance. For instance, if you want to test a script out that you think might break your installation or cause some other undesired effect, a snapshot would be perfect.

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