Creating and Using Volumes

Creating a volume will allow you to add extra storage to your instances. Because the compute nodes have limited available space, if your project requires a large amount of storage, adding a volume to your instance may be the solution.

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To create a volume, navigate to the 'Volumes' tab on the OpenStack page and click the '+ Create Volume' button in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will bring up the following dialogue box:

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Volume Name - The name of the volume that will appear in the volume list.
Description - An optional description of the volume that will appear in the volume list.
Type - Currently the OpenStack documentation states to leave this field blank.
Size (GB) - The size of your volume in gigabytes.
Volume Source - If you are using an image for the volume that you would like to add, choose 'Image' and point OpenStack to the source image you would like to use. If you'd rather have an empty volume, choose 'No source, empty volume'.
Availability Zone - The zone that this volume will be made available. There is currently only one zone, called 'nova', but this may change in the future.

Fill out the dialogue box in the way that satisfies your requirements, then click the 'Create Volume' button. After a few moments, your new volume will appear in the volume list. Clicking on the 'Edit Volume' button will allow you to change the name and description of your volume. Clicking on the 'More' button will give you further options. You can extend the volume, which adds more space to it. Note that you must enter the new total size of the volume, not the size you'd like to add to the volume. Clicking on 'Edit Attachments' will allow you to attach/detach your volume to/from one of your instances. You can also create a snapshot of your volume or delete it from the 'More' drop down menu.

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