Creating a module

This section describes how to add software such that it will be added to the modulefile structure. The example is from adding COMSOL 3.4 to the modulefile tree.

First, locate where the software will reside within /opt/und and where it will be described within /opt/und/modulefiles.

$ cd /opt/und/comsol
$ ls         ! found a single subdirectory for /3.3a
$ mkdir 3.4
$ cd 3.4     ! here is where I installed the new COMSOL/3.4 software from DVD

Once the new version of COMSOL is installed, 3.4 needs to be added to the modulefile directory:

$ cd /opt/und/modulefiles/comsol
$ ls         ! found a single file for 3.3a copied that and modified it
$ cp 3.3a 3.4
$ vi 3.4     ! Changed 3.3a to 3.4 and had to modify the path to the /bin dir

To change the default from 3.3a to 3.4, edit the .version file:

$ cd /opt/und/modulefiles/comsol
$ vi .version   ! change 3.3a to 3.4 and exit/save.  It's that easy!

I copied over the license file from the 3.3a directory. Not sure if that part is correct. I need to check with Rich, In-Saeng and Mary. In-Saeng mentioned (and Rich has stated before) that I need to add the license file to ndlicense server and then modify the port number inside the license.dat file. For now, the license.dat is common between 3.3a and 3.4

Currently allowed users of COMSOL can be determined with:

$ pts mem hpcc:comsol

Add a user with:

$ pts adduser <netid> hpcc:comsol        ! where <netid> is just their netid, no brackets