CRC front end machines

The general access head nodes are:**

Two of the head nodes, crcfe01 and crcfe02, have Intel processors, while crcfeIB01 has an AMD processor. All front ends have Redhat Enterprise Linux as their operating system. These machines are used by the community to edit, compile, and run short tests. As such, programs that are using an inordinate amount of resources or that are running for longer than 1 hour may be terminated. If you have a program that requires more resources or more time, please use a script to submit it to one of the batch queues. For more information on submitting a job to UGE please see Submitting Batch/UGE jobs

**Note: crcefeIB01 is only directly accessible from campus or through the campus VPN. You may also login to crcfe01 or crcfe02 from off campus first and then access crcefeIB01 from there.