CRC Storage Comparisons

Currently the primary CRC storage interfaces are local disk, NFS, and AFS. The following comparison is based on a presentation given by Rich Sudlow and Paul Brenner.

CRC Storage Comparison
local NFS AFS
Speed - may depend on external variables e.g. network SATA 30-50MB/sec, SAS 90-110MB/sec, Solid state very fast 10-80MB/sec 10-80MB/sec
Authentication local local Kerberos 5 based 30 day token
Availability local machine Within the CRC (Union Station) - Very limited otherwise Any AFS client globally
Directory Size - Although good to keep relatively small 64K 64K 32K
Caching depends on OS caching possible but usually none very cache oriented - usually large - configurable
Admin Local root is authoritive Local root maybe authoritive - Kerberos is possible Kerberos is authorative
Admin Costs Contact Admin Contact Admin User Configures Groups
Scalability excellent - especially on multiple machines poor - medium poor - medium - good with read-only volumes
Cost generally low - depends on performance Depends on implementation and scalability - low - high Depends on implementation - low - medium
Maintenance you go down with system failover possible - depends on implementation failover - read-only volumes