CRC Software and Libraries

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User-Requested Software Policy

Unfortunately we do not have the human resources at CRC to install individual user requested software applications that are not standard in the RHEL software stack or already part of the core CRC application stack. We would recommend that you try to install the software within your own local AFS space using the installation notes provided by the developers. If you run into serious issues during the installation which cannot be resolved through the documentation, user forums and direct contact with the developers, then please let us know and we will try to provide assistance based on our experience with building packages on our systems. Please see the CRC Software Policy document for further details.

Note: if the software in question builds a critical mass of user support requests within our community, then we will certainly consider supporting it fully in the future.

Installed Programs and Applications

For details on all installed applications at CRC please check Installed Applications.

Mathematical Libraries

All mathematical libraries are located in /opt/crc/scilib. The general tree architecture is: /opt/crc/scilib/library_name/cpu_architecture/library.

For details on the math libraries installed at CRC please check Math Libraries.

License Servers

License Servers

High Performance Visualization (HPV) software

HPV system and software

DataBase software

Building/running MySQL on your AFS space