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Contributed by: I. Suh

The University of Notre Dame, in partnership with Purdue University – West Lafayette and Calumet, formed the Northwest Indiana Computational Grid (NWICG). The three campuses provide services in the form of computing cycles, storage and data visualization; interconnected via high bandwidth networking. Resources at all three campuses are available to researchers and faculty at Notre Dame. Purdue University recently added a 128-processor SGI Altix 4700 Supercomputer. Purdue will soon install an interactive front-end mode for compiling externally developed code. The CRC staff are currently working with Notre Dame faculty to take advantage of the new Altix at Purdue, particularly in the area of programs such as: Vienna Ab-initio SImulation Package (VASP) and the Object-Oriented Parallel Simulation Engine (OOPSE). To learn more about NWICG and how to access these resources, visit the recently updated web page at To inquire about gaining access to these resources, send email to and look for training classes on Grid Computing this fall.

Open Science Grid

Contributed by: I. Suh

CRC actively participates in the Open Science Grid (OSG) and makes the NWICG resources available to external researchers via the OSG. To learn more about OSG or to see news about ongoing OSG activities, visit

To check on the availability of resources at OSG sites, including Notre Dame, visit: and check out the various monitoring tools. In these lists, the NWICG nodes at CRC are listed as "NWICG_NotreDame"

Linux News

Contributed by J. Rogers

New software upgrades to the Linux operating systems on the workstations in room 177 and conjoining lab rooms in Fitzpatrick Hall are scheduled for completion before classes begin this Fall. This upgrade will improve the stability and security of these workstations as well as provide better functionality for the users. These workstations are available for students, faculty and staff to prepare jobs for submission to the CRC High Performance Computing resources.

Staff News

The CRC welcomes Paul Brenner to our staff. Paul brings expertise in distributed systems (cluster and grid computing), scientific programming (MPI, performance optimization, and language selection), and HPC facilities design (power, cooling, and structural analysis).

Paul received his undergraduate engineering degree from Notre Dame, his master's in engineering at Ohio State University and his Ph.D. at Notre Dame in computer science and engineering with a focus on algorithms and distributed systems for scientific computation. Paul is also an engineering officer in the United States Air Force and consults at one of the four primary DOD HPC Centers. In addition to his role with the CRC, he will be serving as an adjunct professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Rich Sudlow gave a presentation at the 4th Annual AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop in May 2007. His presentation benchmarks the equipment mentioned above in addition to Sun Blade 8000 beta testing done earlier this year. His presentation can be viewed at