CRC Backup/Persistent Storage

The CRC offers data backup and archive solutions as part of our Available Storage services.


Backup in this context refers to an independent copy of user files regularly changing in either a distributed filesystem (AFS) or local filesystem on a dedicated research machine. This is an automated cyclic process where changing data is incrementally backed up (daily, weekly, monthly). Backups are only maintained for 3 months (not persistent).

  • The CRC utilizes a SpectraLogic T950 system, using 5 LT06 drives.
  • The CRC uses True Incremental Backup System (TiBs) from Teradactyl LLC to backup multiple Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris) and the AFS distributed filesystem with the backup hardware. Data in the [[ CRC AFS Cell ]} is generally automatically backed up by this service.
  • Dedicated research machines/servers (not personal workstations) can have relevant directories automatically backed up via installation and configuration of the software client.

Persistent Storage

Persistent Storage in this context refers to an independent copy of static (not changing) data files. Typically this will be static data sets too large to practically store in the CRC AFS cell or keep mounted on users networked research machines/servers. Contact CRC staff at to coordinate archive of data sets.