CRAB Tests

List of CRAB configurations and their outcomes

Lowercase categories are parameters from the crab.cfg used to create the job.

Uppercase categories give general information about the job.

A few explanations:

Submit Location: "afs","scratch365", etc.
Job Type: "generation" (for MC production) or "processing"
Result: "success" or "failure" (if "failure" include error report at bottom of page)
Config. Ref. # User use_server scheduler return_data copy_data storage_element publish_data ce_white_list Submit Node Submit Location Job Type Result
1 lantonel 1 glite 0 1 T3_US_NotreDame 1 afs processing failure
Config. Ref. # CRAB Exit Code Comments File Containing Error Error Description
1 50117 Couldn't retrieve output b/c it was corrupted CRAB_DIR/log/crab.log
error: globus_ftp_client_state.c:globus_i_ftp_client_response_callback:3616:
the server responded with an error
Command failed. : globus_l_gfs_file_open failed.
500-globus_xio: Unable to open file /data/CSstoragePath/lantonel_PatTuple_Zee_0hk1f7/out_files_201.tgz
500-globus_xio: System error in open: No such file or directory
500-globus_xio: A system call failed: No such file or directory