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General Description

Cobalt is a parallel, compressible Euler/Navier-Stokes flow solver applicable to geometries of arbitrary complexity. Its principal design features are stability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. Two- and three-dimensional unstructured grids of arbitrary cell topology are supported along with Overset grids, rigid-body motion, three equations of state, eight turbulence models, and over 20 boundary condition types. Cobalt provides detailed flow field diagnostics and direct output to major commercial post-processors.

Basic Usage

The recommended CRC version is Cobalt v5.0 which is based on the OpenMPI message-passing library. A typical Cobalt submission script should contain the following additions:

setenv COBALT_LIC /opt/crc/cobalt/5.0/license/cobalt.lic 
module load ompi/1.4.3-pgi

setenv CBLTLOC /afs/
setenv RUN mpiexec

The COBALT run command should begin:


Useful Options

Further Information

  • See the official website: Cobalt