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Documentation for ND ArcGIS Users

All GIS software installation and GIS desktop support for the Colleges of Science and Engineering will be handled by Engineering and Science Computing support.
You can get the desktop support team contact info for the Colleges of Science and Engineering from the ESC website [1] or send email at <>. 

ArcGIS can only be installed on a University owned computer.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000 Professional;
  • Windows 2003 (32-bit) Server Standard,(64-bit (EM64T));
  • Windows 2003 Server Terminal Services;
  • Windows 2008 (32-bit),(64-bit (EM64T));
  • Windows 2008 (32-bit) ,(64-bit (EM64T);
  • Windows 7 (32-bit), (64-bit (EM64T);
  • Windows Vista (32-bit), (64-bit (EM64T))
  • Windows XP (32-bit), (64-bit (EM64T))

Hardware Requirements

  1. CPU Speed 3 GHz recommended or higher
  2. Processor Intel Core Duo, Pentium 4 or Xeon Processors
  3. Memory/RAM 4 GB recommended or higher (if using the ArcSDE Personal Edition for Microsoft SQL Server Express software)
  4. Display Properties 24 bit color depth
  5. Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 recommended or higher at Normal size (96dpi)
  6. Swap Space Determined by the operating system, 1GB minimum.
  7. Disk Space 5 GB. In addition, up to 50 MB of disk space maybe needed in the Windows System directory (typically C:\Windows\System32).
  8. If using ArcGlobe (as part of 3D Analyst), additional disk space may be required. ArcGlobe will create cache files when used.
  9. Video/Graphics Adapter Check your computer's ability to run ArcGIS 3D Analyst - ArcGlobe
  10. 24-bit capable graphics accelerator
  11. An OpenGL 1.3 or higher compliant video card is required, with at least 32 MB of video memory, however 64 MB of video memory or higher is recommended.
  12. The computer needs to be connected to the internet to access the License Manager.
  13. Media Player DVD-ROM drive is required to install the application.

How to Request an Installation

Please send the following details to

  1. Advisor’s name
  2. Project name
  3. Funding source
  4. Description of the project
  5. Location of the installation
  6. Contact name, email & telephone number

Further Information

See the official website: ArcGIS