Altair HyperWorks


General Description

Altair Engineering's HyperWorks is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software platform that allows businesses to create superior, market-leading products efficiently and cost effectively. HyperWorks accomplishes this in two significant ways:

* A flexible software licensing model that replaces expensive traditional licensing plans with 
  a pay-per-use system. Employees across organizational and geographic boundaries will be able to access 
  simultaneously not only the HyperWorks suite, but also a broad range of complementary third-party 
  programs and other Altair products at no extra cost. 
* Simulation-driven design technologies that enables achievement of performance, timing, and cost 
  targets through rapid, low-cost, virtual exploration that accelerates informed decision making 
  throughout the product life cycle.

Basic Usage

CRC supports HyperWorks v10.1 and 11.0 (default version). In order to load the hyperworks 11.0 module,

module load hyperworks

Below are GUIs to launch HyperWorks:

hc - Launch HyperCrash
hg - Launch HyperGraph
hm - Launch HyperMesh
hv - Launch HyperView
hx - Launch HyperXtrude
hw - Launch HyperWorks

Useful Options

  • Important: HyperWorks is available on CRC front-end machines with a trusted X11 forwarding. For examples,
           ssh -Y

Note: crcfeIB01 has Infiniband and is only accessible from the campus network or VPN

Further Information