General Description

ANSYS HFSS™ is the industry-standard simulation tool for 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation and is essential for the design of high-frequency and high-speed component design. HFSS offers multiple state-of the-art solver technologies each based on the proven finite element method. Users select the appropriate solver for the type of simulation they are performing.

   * Frequency Domain
   * Transient
   * Integral Equation
   * Hybrid Finite Element - Integral Equation
   * HFSS Solver on Demand

Basic Usage

There are two methods to run Ansys EDT (formerly Ansys HFSS) - interactive job for launching the GUI and non-interactive job via a batch script. To run Ansys EDT interactively, qsh command needs to be executed from a CRC front end node (crcfe01 or crcfe02). In the example below, interactive job is requested to run on the debug queue with 2 cores:

> qsh -pe smp 2 -q debug -now n

When the resource is available, an interactive X-windows session will be brought up from the executing machine. Ansys EDT GUI can be run as follow:

> module load ansys
> anyssedt

To run non-interactively requires a batch file. Below is an example:

#$ -M
#$ -m abe 
####  Don't add -pe option 
module load ansys
ansysedt -ng -BatchSolve myjobname.aedt

User Guides

Further Information

See the official site: ANSYS HFSS