General Description

AMPL is a comprehensive and powerful algebraic modeling language for linear and nonlinear optimization problems, in discrete or continuous variables.

Developed at Bell Laboratories, AMPL lets you use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate optimization models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with an appropriate solver.

AMPL's flexibility and convenience render it ideal for rapid prototyping and model development, while its speed and control options make it an especially efficient choice for repeated production runs.

Basic Usage

A basic AMPL submission script is shown below:

#$ -M <your_netid>
#$ -pe smp 1
#$ -m abe

module load ampl

ampl <

An interactive AMPL text-based interface may also be invoked from the command line:

$ ampl

Useful Options

A number of test models, data, and AMPL run scripts are available here

If an AMPL process is killed manually, the floating license manager may think the process still is running, and the license will not be available until The license manager does its next periodic check. To avoid the wait, one can give the command

ampl_lic status

This will cause the license manager to check which processes are still running and to immediately return any licenses that are no longer in use.

License Information

As of August 2012, the University has a restricted software license, allowing only a single instance to be used at once.

Further Information

See the official website: AMPL