2009 Oct Upgrades

  • Initial email from Rich... start editing this

Greetings all - This email contains a number of the various issues which are interrelated for the CRC X2100 upgrades happening in approximatley a month - also this will contain a power outage outage for all of our equipment as Union Station.

I just talked with Kevin Smith who is our contact and owner of Union Station regarding the logistics of our x2100 <=> dl160 swapout - and also the power outage - Here are some thoughts and tentative timelines - I would NOT consider these set in stone yet but would like to do so within a week.

Kevin has generaously allowed us to use Suite 270 at Union Station (4,000 sq ft) for the staging area so that there's no need to move boxes into and out of suite 240 - In addition Suite 270 has direct access to the back hallway where deliveries will be made from the Union Station loading dock.

Moves will take place the week of November 30th - I would like to complete all X2100 <-> dl160 swaps in 2 days if possible.

Prior to November 30th - Rich Sudlow will be moving all machines / switches / terminal servers etc not being upgraded to be moved over to the new address space if possible prior to moves. It may be necessary to wait on a few machines which will be updated during this outage also.

1) Delivery of HP DL160 shipments take place prior to November 27th and are placed in Suite 270 using long rows with aisles to that the boxes with 10 servers can be moved using pallet jacks - these same boxes will be used to put the X2100's into which Notre Dame General Services

NOTE TO HP/MATRIX: When the DL160's are installed we will ONLY BE USING 1 NETWORK CONNECTION which is the green cable connected to the switch in slot U39 of the racks. We will also be using the white serial port - settings should be to use 115200 baud with 8 bit no parity - no flow control. Also BMC ports should be hard codes to Ip addresses which will be provided by Rich Sudlow prior to installation - Notre Dame would also like soft copies of all mac addresses prior to November 27th.

At this time I believe it's best to update the systems in the racks where they now stand - after HP/Matrix is done with a rack CRC staff will then move the racks into the "new" room. - To set expectations this may be November 30th afternoon or later that week. Racks 11-14,16-19 will be moved to the new room - a diagram with the racks moves will be communicated in CRC Operations meetings in early November.

NOTE TO CRC: All racks will need to have network cables & all others removed for racks to move. We should know what needs to move and move it in advance if necessary. Switches at U41 position can be removed after upgrade.

Host naming will be from dcopt00N to d6copt00N (again tentative) all ips for d6copt00N machines and bmc's will be generated prior to install date and all ip's will be in the new subnet. Kerberos 5 tickets created & entries in the batch system prior to install date.

Hostname labels for machines should be generated prior to install date. Need to verify if back of machine can also be labeled - if not the back will be labeled by hand with sharpies.

2) On November 30th - 8:00 A.M. - noon power outage takes place in order to update US electrical for N + 1 UPS. This includes moving cables and installation of fast transfer switches (STS) - This will be a hard outage that will be communicated to CRC users as soon as we feel this timeline is firm.

November 30th - 8:00 A.M. the removal of x2100's/rails and the install of new rails/DL160's start by HP/Matrix.

3) After power is restored a number of core infrastructure pieces need to be updated - most important is the software and hardware on our Extreme Networks Black Diamond 8810 - Chris McInerney from Extreme may be able to assist with this ..?? If not CRC staff will perform. Need to put a page up on the wiki/or my web page for CRC staff to keep a list of all to be done at this time.

4) Later in the week - (Friday December 4th?) Notre Dame General Services schedules to pick up X2100 machines for transfer to ND Surplus - in addition to a significant pile of machines doors - fronts / backs arms /etc collected both upstairs and downstairs will go to ND for recycling. I believe this may require a number of trips and may be an all day event for General Services - I believe Paul B has started dialog regarding this.

QUESTION FOR CRC STAFF : Should machines have disks cleaned - reinstall of OS prior as we had done in the past or simply remove the disks and have them degaussed (effectively destroying them). If we clean the disks we'll need to schedule time to reinstall all systems prior to the shutdown on Monday 30th - Most likely having CRC staff (Little Paul/ Rich) perform this on Sunday November 29th - If this is the case our end of service for the X2100's should be communicated as noon on November 29th?? All systems with memory removed to date have been boldly marked "No Memory" on the top cover with Sharpie.

We'll also get a updated list of departmental machines to be updated and if necessary cleaned within the next week or so. I believe Paul B has this well in hand.

Also we need to talk about the possible realignment of racks moving all racks approximately 18" - 2 ft to the west in order that Kevin Smith will be able to start with the construction of the wall along the east end of our suite - this is to separate us from 3 new tenants which are to move into the east side of suite 240. Having looked at the spacing on this I believe it might be best to just leave things in place. Kevin will be sending drawings related to this.

Also need to decide what's happening the exhaust hoods attached to each rack along the West row.

Much of this will come together in the next week as it's discussed in the CRC staff - CRC Operations meetings. Hope to have this firmed up in the next week.